Join us this weekend at the Fuel Film Expo!

FuelFilm: Expo is happening Sept. 28-30 and will be of benefit to anyone with an interest in filmmaking and the film industry. The three-day event is the largest film training conference in Memphis & Shelby County. On Location: MEMPHIS will be there with information about our festival and our call for entries. Plus we will have free screenings of OLM films on Sunday from 1-5 pm.

FuelFilm: Expo will feature three conference tracks to address the main components of filmmaking — The Producer/Filmmaker, The Crew and The Actor. Workshops and industry panelists will be a part of each track to address different aspects of the various crafts.

The Expo is being held at the Southwest Tennessee Community College — Macon Campus. Information and registration for the FuelFilm: Expo is online at

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