14th Annual On Location: MEMPHIS International Film and Music Fest – Official Selections

Film Title  CITY
Old Angel  –  Tainan, Tawain
Legacy   –   Metuchen, NJ
Make A Wish  –  Brooklyn, NY
Girl Rising – New York, NY
I AM NOT A ROCK STAR –  Montreal, Quebec
John Kennedy Toole: the omega point  – Covington, LA
My Father and The Man in Black –  Nanaimo, British Columbia
ScrambleVision – Nederland, CO
The Last White Knight – Toronto, Ontario
The Memphians – Sausalito, CA
The Victor Marx Story – Memphis, TN
We Juke Up in Here – Clarksdale, MS
We Came Home  – Los Angeles, CA
Music Majors – Detroit, MI

A Beautiful Secret – Mexico City, Mexico
Alex Dreaming – Nashville, TN
Barbara – Germany
Chittagong – India
Narcissus – Lithuania
IL CACCIATORE DI ANATRE -The Duck Hunter – Finale Emlia,Modena, Italy
Rock Barnes – Los Angeles, CA
Skum ROCKS! – Los Angeles, CA
Spring Eddy – Austin, TX
Live Action Short

Avarice – Bartlett, TN
COUCH  – New York, NY
Counting Happiness  – Athens, Attika, Greece
Daddy Donor – Glendale, CA
Just Grate  – Nashville, TN
My Dream Deferred – Memphis, TN
Nowhere To Go – Santa Monica, CA
Root – Jersey City, NJ
SLEEP – Brooklyn, NY
Smoke – Memphis, TN
Summer – Fullerton, CA
Sunburn Brooklyn, NY
The Call – Oak Park, IL
The Coffers  – Los Angeles, CA
The Commitment – Boston, MA
The Hard Day Knights – Tucson, AZ
The Patriot Act  – Long Beach, CA
TRIMBELTEN – Cologne, Germany
You Only Live Once – Spain
The Things My Father Never Taught Me – West Perth, Australia
Shino’s Show – London, England
Sparrow – Brooklyn, NY
The Color of Moonlight – San Jose, CA
Safe Room – Valley Glen, CA
Music Video

A House, A Home: Adam Shearer & Adam Seltzer- Portland, OR
Bullet For A Broken Heart: Dillon Hodges – Cincinnati, OH
Far: The Canopy Climbers –  North Hollywood, CA
Flavor of the Week: The Dannie Marie Band – Alpine, CA
Horror Story: Tom Sokal Brooklyn, NY
IN EVERYONE’S EYES (en todas las miradas) – Ottawa, Ontario
It Is What It Is: Olga New Orleans, LA
Turning Me On: Jay Gonzalez (keyboardist Drive-By Truckers) – Austell, GA
Let Your Light Shine: Bianca & Chiara D’Ambrosio – Los Angeles, CA
Living: Arrested Devlopment- Powder Springs, GA
Pocket Full of Hope: Gin Cooley Paris, France
Popular Music: Daniel Zaitchik – Los Angeles, CA
Forgetful Assistance: The Elwins- Toronto, Ontario
Why Did You Do It?: Roxanne Lemmon Band Eads, TN

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