Positioned For Millions Presents: A Positioning Informational Chat w/ Sonja Norwood

Sonja NorwoodSonja Norwood is an accomplished talent manager, television producer, and deal maker, but most importantly, a mother who has proven that dedication to family, and faith are powerful tools for success within the tumultuous, male-dominated entertainment industry. Armed with savvy business skills, Sonja Norwood has navigated the stellar careers of her children, award-winning entertainers Brandy and Ray J.

While the journey has sometimes been rough—taking the singer-actors from platinum records to tabloid headlines, from personal tragedy back to TV/film and music stardom has required a navigational strategy engineered by Sonja to ensure her clients remain relevant and successful.

Come and chat with Mrs. Norwood as she shares her knowledge and insight on how she was able to break her children into the entertainment business and become an effective manager of two international stars.

This is a sanctioned event of the 15th Annual On Location: MEMPHIS International Film and Music Fest presented by MVP3 Entertainment Group.

Sponsored By: The Green Law Firm, Stokes & Glass, Radical Moves Entertainment, Cynthia Scales – Allstate Insurance, Rated Hood Entertainment

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