Preliminary Music Lineup Announced

The preliminary lineup for the 15th annual On Location: MEMPHIS Music Showcases is now available. This year we are proud to partner with six well-known venues around Memphis to provide a variety of music styles for every taste!

Rap/ Hip Hop

Newby’s           April 25, 2014 1884 Lounge  April 26, 2014
Marcel P. Black Dulaa – Reality Records
Truth Universal C-Neil – IahWeh Entertainment
Lyriqs Da Lyraciss D’Mario
5th Child – Elegant Trainwreck Records Dre Day
Marco Pave James Crow – Elegant Trainwreck Records
Jason Da Hater Preauxx
Knowledge Nick Peedy Weetstro
Luk Lukyano
A.C. Dutch


Newby’s   April 26, 2014
Weekend Kids – Elegant Trainwreck Records
Passing parade – Elegant Trainwreck Records
Empty handed painters – Elegant Trainwreck Records


Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Country

Otherlands       April 25, 2014 Otherlands     April 26, 2014
Ciera Oulette Michael Joyner
Danielle French
Screamin Eagle

Neo-Soul, R&B, Jazz

La Chardonnay     April 25, 2014 La Chardonnay   April 26, 2014
Justin Merrick Jam Hunter
Chloe Joshua McCain and the Soul Seven
Mike Mosby and the Hard Hitters Otis Logan
4 Soul C3 Band
Ethan Kent


Blue Monkey   April 25, 2014 (Ardent) Blue Monkey April 26, 2014 (Ardent)
The Hostage Whiskey Republic
Mr. Adams Candy Company
Chiral Theory La Pistola
Ghostown Devil’s Right Hand


Java Cabana  April 25, 2014 Java Cabana  April 26, 2014
7-8pm Michael Joyner 8-9:30 James Crawford,  singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN
8-10pm Zeke Johnson 9:30pm-10:30pm The Three Kings

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  • Mark Magill

    I would like to perform as a singer songwriter… please contact me via e-mail…