2015 Film Category Judges



Nikki Heyman, Coordinating Producer for POV

Nikki Heyman is the Coordinating Producer for Acclaimed Point of View Documentaries (POV) airing on PBS nationwide. She has been a judge and sat on pitch panels for multiple film festivals including Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Doc Circuit Montreal – RIDM, Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries, and the Brooklyn Film Festival. Prior to joining the staff in early 2014, Nikki interned in POV’s Programming and Production Department. Nikki was the documentarian for The Odyssey Initiative, a non-profit traveling education project, and worked as a teacher at the Apollo Outreach Initiative in Ohio, helping children of all ages become active creators of media to express themselves through film. Nikki has served as an Assistant Director, Production Manager, and Camera Operator on professional feature films, shorts, and student films, and has garnered award recognition for her own documentaries. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema Studies from Oberlin College, and belongs to the Phi Beta Kappa society.

Gary Baddeley, CEO TDC Entertainment

Gary Baddeley has served as CEO of TDC Entertainment, a leading distributor of documentary films, since 1997.  Previously, Gary served for two years as Vice President and General Manager of Robbins Entertainment. From 1990 to 1996 Gary was an attorney at Phillips Nizer LLP in New York City, specializing in representation of clients in the music, film and television industries. Gary holds a JD from New York University School of Law and a B.Sc. from Kingston University.


Joel-Eisenberg Judge

Joel Eisenberg, Writer and Producer

Joel Eisenberg is a writer and producer whose new book series, “The Chronicles of Ara”, has been release to rave reviews.  Joel is a partner in Eisenberg-Fisher Productions and former head of EMO Films at Paramount Studios, feature film production companies.  He is the co-founder of All Cities Media, an entertainment industry networking group.  Joel is the writer of several award-winning independent feature films and producer of a slate of past and upcoming feature and television projects including “Mirkwood”, based on the amazon.com bestseller and the aforementioned “The Chronicles of Ara” fantasy novel series.

Willy Bearden

Willy Bearden

Willy Bearden is a Memphis based filmmaker, photographer, author and producer. His documentary films include; Visualizing the Blues, The Story of Cotton, A History of Memphis Garage Bands, Overton Park, Elmwood Cemetery, Horn Island Journal, Project 366, and The View From Adams Avenue. His museum projects include The Tunica RiverPark, The Elvis Presley Birthplace Museum, The Cotton Museum at the Memphis Cotton Exchange, and the Memphis Wonders Series. He is the chairman and a founding member of the annual Delta Symposium held at the University of Memphis. He is the recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Achievement Award in the Creative and Performing Arts presented by the College of Communication and Fine Arts at the University of Memphis.


Mathius Mack Gertz, Film Acquisitions and Development Consultant

Mathius Mack Gertz is a Film Acquisitions and Development Consultant. Mathius has acquired and arranged traditional distribution for dozens of indie films through Entertainment One, Anderson Digital, and other companies. Originally from a New York City background of theater and sales, Mathius has a dual aspect to his thoughts and personality, combining both creative and business sensibilities into the development process. He transferred from L.A. Valley College to become its first alumna to graduate from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and he also holds an MBA. In the independent film world Mathius has helped produce or executive produce many films by bringing financing, distribution and/or other elements to the package. As a sales agent he has taken films to market, pitched and sold. Mathius consults with indie filmmakers in development and helps them to reverse engineer their projects to contain marketable elements that will attract cast, investment and distribution. He also has television, new-media and writing projects in the development and pitch stages. Mathius also works prominently in the smaller micro-budgeted sector of indie film making, a favorite of Film-Com attendees, from development and financing through distribution.


Carl Blue Wise

Carl Blue Wise

Carl Blue Wise is a writer, singer, producer and voting member of N.A.R.A.S.  He is also the owner of Blue Boy Records home of The Memphis Soul Revue, Highway 51 and Wise Williams.  Carl “Blue” Wise, having been in every facet of the music industry since the Stax glory days, had the good fortune of working with some of the all-time greats in the music industry; Willie Mitchell, Eddie Floyd, Sir Mack Rice, Rufus Thomas, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Van Zant, The Bar-Kays, Joey Molland of Badfinger, an Apple Records artist, and many more. Having the production/songwriting skills and the artistic abilities, Carl and his son Jordan needed an outlet to bring their creative services to the people. They formed Blueboy Records to exploit all genres of great music including R&B, Soul, Rock and Roll, Americana, and Pop.

Nina Stakz BW (3)

Nina Stakz

Nina Stakz is a music video director who has written, directed and edited music videos for more than 200 musicians.  After studying Communications at Southeast Missouri State University, Stakz began her career in broadcast news. Her love of the lens lead her to write and produce an independent television show in 2007. With the help of a college colleague,  Sightz & Soundz Music Show was created, a magazine show  featuring interviews and days in the life with musicians like Tyrese and Nelly.  After one season of the show both producers moved on to other projects. Stakz decided to marry  her love of music with her love of film and knowledge of video production by venturing into music video directing and producing.  Now with hundreds of videos under her belt she is currently working on a television pilot and is hoping to get into film.


Dustin Bolton

Dustin Bolton

Dustin Bolton is CEO and CG Character Modeller for Dualbo, LLC.

Dustin Alexander Bolton is a professional animator currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He has a degree in Film/Animation/Video from the Rhode Island School Of Design. Dustin is highly skilled in Flash, Photoshop, Maya, and several other notable 2d and 3d software programs. His dedication to excellence and work in the field earned him several well-respected clients including AT&T, and Cartoon Network. He is also the owner of his own animation and visual design content development studio titled Dualbo Animation.