2016 Official Selections

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CuttotheChaseCut to the Chase
An ex-con sets out in search of his kidnapped sister through the criminal underbelly of Shreveport, Louisiana. Stars cult icon Lance Henriksen. (USA, 90:00)

Saturday, August 13, Studio on the Square, 10:00 pm

Screening Guests
Blayne Weaver – Director/Writer/Actor
Chris Lyon – Producer




KILLING POE Poster- Trippy 2.0Killing Poe
A dark comedy about five students in a class on Edgar Allan Poe who teach their professor a lesson in true Poe style. (USA, 92:00)

Friday, August 12, Studio on the Square, 4:00 pm







YearByTheSeaNewYear By the Sea
Hoping to reclaim who she was before marriage and children, an empty nester retreats to Cape Cod where she embarks upon a quest to set herself free. (USA, 114:00)

Friday, August 12, Studio on the Square, 2:00 pm







Documentary Shorts Friday, August 12, Studio on the Square, 12:00 pm

TheArtHouseThe Art House (USA, 9:00)
Ginger Westray, a retired teacher from Columbia, South Carolina, uses her entire home as the canvas for her art.






BeingTheKidsBeing THE KIDS
Tells the story of a band called ‘THE KIDS’, which was formed 36 years ago in Hakata, Japan. (Japan, 15:00)








A Drag Queen For Kids_Image06

A Drag Queen for Kids
A show that’s complicated for everyone except the kids. (USA, 14:00)





Food + Water | Earth (USA)

In an era of extreme fossil fuel extraction, one woman is standing up for the clean food and water we depend on. Winona LaDuke, leader of the Ojibwe Nation in Northern Minnesota, takes on two of the largest energy giants in the world – Enbridge and the Koch brothers – as they push to expand tar sands oil pipelines deeper into the US heartland, putting farms, wetlands and entire communities at risk.  Award-winning director/producer Suez Taylor will be on site to answer questions.



Soy CubanaSoy Cubana
The Vocal Vidas are a female a cappella quartet from Santiago de Cuba – the cradle of Afro-Cuban music – this documentary explores their unique sound and tells the story of crafting a musical career in a society in which artistic merit is not measured solely by economic success. (Cuba, 17:00)




Animated Shorts Saturday, August 13, Studio on the Square, 3:00 pm

María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends. (Spain, 11:00)




Rise into being, mature, perish – Fruit tells a creation story. As the animated short film unfolds, it brings forth a play of shapes illustrating the dialog between two mythological forces – the West and the East. In it the vibrating entities of black and white are constantly being split apart and reconciled by red, in a playful and dramatic choreography of forms and figures. (Germany, 6:55)



The story of a gray lynx that doesn’t quite fit into a world of colourful animals. He;s being excluded and bullied by the animals with color. On his search for acceptance and belonging he finds himself resorting to drastic measures. (Germany; 4:00)



Madama ButterflyMadama Butterfly
A string puppet movie about a fiery opera performance with tragic consequences. ( Germany, 5:13)





A Tale of CrowsA Tale of Crows
An animated crow opera follows a family of hatchlings on a dream journey through the adventure of their first flight. (USA, 8:00)




Live Action Shorts

memphisfilmprizelogoMemphis Film Prize Weekend will be held in conjunction with the 17th Annual On Location: MEMPHIS International Film & Music Festival — www.memphisfilmprize.com, August 12 – 13








Special Presentations

AccidentalCourtesyAccidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America
Daryl Davis is an accomplished musician who was played all over the world. He also has an unusual hobby, particularly for a middle-aged black man. When not displaying his musical chops, Daryl likes to meet and befriend members of the Ku Klux Klan. When many of these people eventually leave the Klan with Daryl’s support, Daryl keeps their robes and hoods; building his collection piece by piece, story by story, person by person, in hopes of one day opening a museum of the Klan. (USA, 75:00)

Friday, August 12, Studio on the Square, 9:30 pm




TheFiveHeartbeatsThe Five Heartbeats (25th Anniversary Screening)
The story of the rise and fall of an African American vocal group. (USA, 121:00)

Saturday, August 13, Studio on the Square, 7:00 pm

Screening Guests
Robert Townsend – Director/Actor
Leon Robinson – Actor





NightHawksontheBlueHighwayNighthawks on the Blue Highway
The definitive film about The Nighthawks, America’s hardest-working blues band. The Nighthawks inhabit the soul of blues music. Founded in Washington, D.C. more than 40 years ago by Little Walter-disciple Mark Wenner and guitar wizard Jimmy Thackery, the band thrives on its direct link to the great blues masters. (USA, 75:00)

Saturday, August 13, Studio on the Square, 4:00 pm





NilBatteySannataNil Battey Sannata (The New Classmate)
Apu is a 10th-grade student and is giving up on studies, because she knows her mother will not be able to provide for her higher education. Her mother tries hard, but Apu thinks only children of rich parents become doctors or engineers and believes she’ll also end up being a maid. But one day her mother gets a chance to continue her own education — to the benefit of herself and her daughter. (India, 100:00)

Friday, August 12, Studio on the Square, 6:00 pm  





 Restored_MeRestored Me
A comedic drama that explores the tested faith of wrongfully convicted, now ex-con Julio Velasquez. After his release from prison, he finds a second chance by joining the colorful crew of an old movie theater.  Just when he thinks his life is getting back on track, he learns the theater he has grown to love is not what it seems. (USA)

Saturday, August 13, Studio on the Square, 12:15 pm 

Screening Guests
Rhyan Lamarr – Producer/Director/Co-Writer
Craig Carlisle – Executive Producer



Soul_SistahsWomen of STAX: Soul Sistahs 
The STAX Museum Living History Project is the result of a collaboration between STAX Museum of American Soul Music and Karen Moore, Inc.  Every Saturday for 8 weeks, middle and high school students met, researched, and shared information on the following Memphis Women in Music: Estelle Axton, Alberta Hunter, Linda Lyndell, Deanie Parker, Carla Thomas, Mavis Staples  and The Charmels.  They also learned interviewing, storytelling  and professional video camera skills to interview those that knew or worked with our subjects.  (USA, 30:00)

Saturday, August 13, Studio on the Square, 11:00 am (SOLD OUT) 




TheWizardfBealeStreetThe Wizard of Beale Street
The story of a five-year-old street performer named Rod Bonds who evolved into the unofficial mayor of the hood. He teamed with Tom Cruise in the movie The Firm, set a Guinness Book record, created performances shown on America’s Got Talent, and his Beale Street Flippers are now one of the most sought after halftime acts for NBA games. Shot at age 24, his performance days came to an end, but his commitment to the neighborhood hasn’t. Now at 34 he is wearing down and maybe losing his way — or is he? (USA, 29:20)

Friday, August 12, Studio on the Square, 8:00 pm Tickets

Screening Guests
Dave Goudge – Director/Producer
Rod Bonds – Subject

  • Sharon Rush

    Rod Bonds is not done!
    Please retract that statement…He is well and active…He will always be a positive component..within the community..please do not “shade” his accomplishments…..