Memphis Music Banq Information Meeting

Memphis Music Banq

My name is Angela D. Green, Esq.  I am the current Executive Director of On Location: MEMPHIS.  Those of you who have been faithful supporters of On Location: MEMPHIS may have noticed that we haven’t announced a call for entries for the International Film and Music Festival this year.  The reason for that is we decided to take a gap year to think about what the Memphis film and music community needed and what impact that we, as a Non-Profit in this community, wanted to make.  I have practiced entertainment law in Memphis for 17 years. However, I would not have been able to survive if I ONLY practiced entertainment law.  We say that there is not enough entertainment business going on in Memphis, but the truth is, there are not enough creative people in Memphis who can afford the services.  Some of you may not have realized that 30% of the Memphis community live below the poverty rate.   I know personally that many of our film and music creators are living within that percentage.  As talented as our community is, that should not be the case.

After more than a year of considering these questions and contemplating what On Location: MEMPHIS can do to make an impact; we now present to you the Memphis Music Banq.  The Memphis Music Banq (MMB) is a music licensing project designed as an economic driver for Memphis Music Creators and Composers.  This program is being developed to educate music creators on how to protect their content and then help them to generate income through TV/Film licensing opportunities.

We would like to inform the music community on what TV and Film licensing is, and what the requirements are to submit content to MMB for consideration.  We will be hosting two informational meetings a month for the next three months.  Seating will be limited so that questions can be entertained.

This project is for Memphis Music Creators.  We need your input and support to see this project off the ground.  Come out to learn and let your voice be heard.
Angela D. Green, Esq.
Executive Director
On Location: MEMPHIS