On Location Movie ScreenON LOCATION: MEMPHIS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization originally formed in 1997 as Memphis Film Forum by Michael C. Harwood. Our mission is to  use business opportunities to educate members of the film, music and arts community to stimulate economic development.  Our Board of Directors includes professionals from a variety of business, media, and creative professions, including active music,  film and video professionals. The Advisory Board is made up of industry professionals in music and film from Memphis and across the United states who provide additional expertise in the areas of music and film industry liaison, non-profit operations, fundraising and professional services relevant to our work.  Throughout the year, we host film and music related events to support our programs such as the International Film and Music Festival which has been the backbone of our organization.   The International Film Festival is a three-day event held over Labor Day Weekend.  From the beginning, the festival has featured a rich variety of regional, American, and international films.


Attendees have included Richard Gladstein, Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter, Isaac Hayes, Caldecott “Cotty” Chubb, Cybill Shepherd, Alan Bloomquist, Leo Fitzpatrick, Robert Mugge, Don Hertzfeldt, Jon Glascoe, Joseph Pierson, Del Shores, Leslie Jordan, Sonja Norwood, Deitrick Haddon, Robert Townsend, Vivica Fox, Brely Evans and Tom Berenger. The festival has screened a number of Academy Award nominated films such as Don Hertzfeldt’s The Meaning of Life, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s Amores Perros, Most (The Bridge) by Bobby Garabedian and William Zabka, and Sam Green and Bill Siegel’s The Weather Underground.


Highlights from our past Festivals

PRAISE THE LORD – Our opening night film for 2005 was SCREEN DOOR JESUS shot on location in Austin, Texas. Written and directed by former Memphian Kirk Davis, who now lives in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC. Davis was in town for the screening and also brought along producers Sam Adelman and Dave Stuart for a question and answer session after the screening. Our festival party held at the Gibson Guitar Lounge featured BACK PORCH MARY, the band seen and heard throughout the film. SCREEN DOOR JESUS was also screened again on Sunday to the largest Sunday afternoon audience the festival has seen.

MIFF 5 was lovingly dedicated to the life and memory of founding board member, Greg Gadomski. Greg’s dedication to the festival inspired many of us to join the efforts of the Memphis Film Forum in its fledgling stages and carry it to the level that we have reached thus far. Greg’s spirit and grace continue to encourage us as we move towards Academy Award status!

Taking a departure from the norm, our opening night film in 2005 festival was the experimental film STRANDED IN CANTON by the legendary photographer William Eggleston, produced by Robert Gordon (Author -CAN’T BE SATISFIED: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MUDDY WATERS, IT CAME FROM MEMPHIS, Producer – COWBOY JACK’S HOME MOVIES, MARTIN SOCRCESE PRESENTS THE BLUES”.). The film depicted Southern Gothic like you’ve never seen. Shot in the 1970s in Memphis and New Orleans, this film put a unique spin on public and private live in the South. Many of those in the film’s sequences were in the audience, hysterically laughing their wild and crazy behavior from 30+ years ago! Special guest for this year included Producer Alan Blomquist (CHOCOLATE, CIDER HOUSE RULES, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR) who participated in our panel discussion: IT’S A WRAP, NOW WHAT (FROM CONCEPT TO DELIVERY TO DISTRIBUTION).

In 2006, MIFF 7 created a new and successful partnership with Reel Soul Memphis which enabled MIFF to expand the typical film festival audience to include the African American population. One night of the festival was dedicated to Reel Soul films and the Reel Soul MIFF party. We paid homage to the people of New Orleans with our opening night film by noted music documentarian Robert Mugge – NEW ORLEANS: MUSIC IN EXILE, a stunning look at the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the music and musicians from the bayou and beyond. Special guests include NOLA musicians COWBOY MOUTH, Robert Mugge and poinently several displaced New Orleanians who have now made Memphis their home.

Being the home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock ‘N Roll, we added a music component to the fest in 2007 with a music video category which featured the latest music video from Robert Cray directed by his wife, Sue Turner Cray. This theme was carried out even further with many music and music inspired docs such as JOOK JOINT JAM, IRON CITY BLUES, and ALTERED BY ELVIS. We awarded our first ever MEMPHIAN IN FILM HISTORY award to the soulful Issac Hayes. Screening his 1970s Blaxplotation film TRUCK TURNER was a delight both for the audience and for Hayes, his beautiful wife and lively little son!

Our green room for the festival (for VIPS, filmmakers and sponsors) was none other than the Gibson Guitar Tour Bus complete with Elvis in the driver’s seat (well, a cardboard cutout of him!) Rock on with our bad selves!