OL:M Programs


Reel  Art Initiative:

For many painters the extent of their business knowledge is to create the art piece and then sell it.  Very few understand that one of the keys to residual cash flow is licensing.  OL:M commissions an artist to create an original piece of art that reflect their interpretation of the International Film and Music Festival each year.  In exchange, OL:M has entered into licensing deals with the artists to produce merchandise from a digital image of the paintings to help generate royalties for the artist and income for the organization.  This program was developed to introduce artist to the concept of licensing their art through a licensing opportunity.


Memphis Music Banq:

The Memphis Music Banq (MMB) is a music licensing project designed as an economic driver for Memphis Music Creators and Composers.  Our primary goal is to engage and promote Memphis Composers and Musicians and secondly to position the MMB as the licensing house for quality local Memphis Music for the film, television and screen-based media community.  This program was developed to educate music creators on how to protect and prepare their content to generate income through TV/Film licensing opportunities.

Asst. Program Developer – Tonya Collins