On Location: MEMPHIS International Film and Music Festival

Film Schedule


April 19, 2012 – Paradiso Theater

Film Time Country
In The Hive 7:30pm USA

April 20, 2012 – Studio on the Square

Film Time Country
The Adventures  of Robin Hood 1:00pm USA
Grand Hotel





India/ USA

Mongolia 5:30pm USA
Student Shorts (European Son, Giddy Up Grandma, Static, TheGoodRiver, The Perfect Skate, Wrigley and King, Zlodej) 5:30pm Various
Love Free or Die 5:30pm USA
Searching For Sonny 7:00pm USA

Mexican Sunrise




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Comedic Shorts (Bench Seat, Don’t Bite The Apple, Good News,Oklahoma, I’m Coming Over, The Beefcake Burnout) 8:30pm Various

April 21, 2012 – Ridgeway Four

Film Time Country
Count It All joy 11:30am & 12:00pm Nashville
ECU Films 12:30pm France
Oscar Shorts: Animation 2:00pm Various
Robert Box Perfect for the Kitchen/Haight Ashbury: The Beat Generation 2:30 USA
Lederhosen Limelight 3:00pm Germany
Animated Shorts (Dead Technology, Abu’s Story, Live Outside the Box, My Home, My Mind, The Game) 4:00pm Various
Dramatic Shorts (A Wonderful Day, Clouds, Derek and Lucas, Fatakra, Hearts Gamble, Infinity, The Beard) 4:30pm Various
Tequila 5:00pm Mexico
RecordParadise/ Slip Cue 5:00pm USA
Bollywood Night 7:00pm India
Dramatic Shorts (Ghosts of Old Highways, My God Open Your Eyes, My Left Hand Man, Play to Win, Sudd, Suffering Fools, Vol De Nuit) 7:30pm Various
Music Videos (1620 Echles St., Cornbread Fed, Future, Just Take Your Time, Lord I Need a Little Help, Los Muertos de Siempre, Movin On, Party Like Charlie Sheen, Taken Away, Wayfaring Stranger, You are a Star, Outside My Window, Legacy, Cap A L’Oest, Memphis Town) 7:30pm Various

April 22, 2012 – Ridgeway Four

Film Time Country
Oscar Shorts: Live Action 1:00pm USA
Tuckerman 1:00pm UK
60 in Sixty 1:30om Various
We Shall Not Be Moved/ Nigga On The Walk/ Malaki: Scent of an Angel 3:30pm USA
Back Door Channels 3:30pm USA
Boom Varietal 4:00pm USA/Argentina/Canada
Between Two Rivers 5:30pm USA
Merde/Kumpania Flamenca Los Angelas 6:00pm USA
Ecstasy 7:00pm Canada
The AfflictedThe Movement 7:30pm7:30pm Purchase Tickets Day ofUSA