MMB Mixer Competition for Film and Music Creators

The time has come for Film and Music Creators to come together!!!

Three Nights – Six Teams – Three Winners

The MMB Mixer Competition pair filmmakers with MMB Music Creators in teams to see who can create the Best Sync Project.  Projects are judged on four categories: 1. Choice of Music, 2. Quality of Music Sync with Video, 3. Does the music compliment the scene, and 4. (Voted by Audience) Does the teams three projects invoke the intended emotion.

The judges score and audience vote will determine the Team Winners for each night.  The winner will be announced on the Memphis Music Banq website.

Team Prize:  Team Filmmaker gets Cash plus Festival Music License for the song for the project / Team Music Creator gets PAID for their music placement.

Other Mixer Features:

MMB Board Announcements – Filmmakers can submit their projects that need music to the MMB Board Announcement.  The Filmmaker will be introduced that night to the music creators in attendance.

Learn about the Memphis Music Banq – Talk to MMB Representatives about licensing music or becoming an MMB Music Publisher.

FREE event, Cash Bar and Memphis Music

Location: Memphis Slim House, 1130 College Street, Memphis, TN

Dates: Sept. 17, Oct. 15 & Nov. 19

Time: 6 pm – 8 pm

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